Yoga Classes Manchester Altrincham
"Amanda’s yoga classes are amazing, I initially started them to help improve performance in training but now go for so many more different reasons. 
Her open and caring attitude makes her class so welcoming for anyone of any ability and her personality and banter can cheer anyone up on even the worst day. 
I’ve been to several different yoga class and never make much of a connection with teachers but even in a class of 30 you can feel like your having a 1-2-1 session with ways to correct form and teaching you to engage the correct muscles in the correct way for the full benefits. You can learn pretty fast and improve every week. 
Definitely recommend her classes for anxiety & mood as well as sports performance."
   Jenny, Altrincham / Melbourne


"After only 6 classes I felt more flexible.  unlike other yoga classes I attended,  I feel I have done a full workout every week.  You sometimes surprise yourself with what you can do"           Cath, Manchester
"I attended Amanda's classes for about a year in Altrincham and loved them so much! She is very professional and good at keeping me challenged. I love that she included the biology side of the yoga positions for health benefits. I have since moved and miss her classes and would recommend her classes to everyone. "   Teata, Chester
"I’ve been going to Amanda’s yoga sessions for 4 years now. I’d tried lots of different yoga classes in the past but never really connected with a teacher or class. Amanda’s classes are a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and focus. She is a wonderful teacher and a true shining light. Her open heart, kindness and non-judgemental attitude make her classes welcoming and inclusive. This makes them a great place to start or develop any yoga practice. Look out for her workshops too as these are fab! Thanks Amanda for your hard work and dedication. 🙏🏼".           Stephanie, Southport

"I approached Amanda a couple of months ago looking for some 1 to 1 yoga sessions to help me improve my flexibility and core strength. Having taken part in just one Yoga class previously I was a little apprehensive at first but Amanda's calm and reassuring approach soon put me at ease. I found sessions enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Both my flexibility and core strength has improved and I've also benefited from improved respiration, energy and vitality as a result. Thank you for all your help and support Amanda!"        Scott, Altrincham