This workshop is all about mindfulness!

Amanda Riley, Sun Power, Yin and Restorative yoga teacher, will lead you through a flowing, moving and meditative yogasana sequence. Bringing you awareness to your body. Your muscles, the alignment of your body, your breath. Paying attention to how you feel and how you move. Spending a litle time on watching the breath and noticing your body in a mindful way is so important in being able to let go, reduce stress, process your thoughts and react logically. The practice will finish with a restorative and mindful relaxation.

The mindful Yoga flow will then be followed by a mindful wine tasting lead by expert Lisa Moreton, Sommelier at Manchester City FC and Manchester United FC. She will guide you through how to taste 'properly', what to look for, to notice and appreicate the experience of the wine and the journey to your lips. To understand and truly experience the flavour and appreciate the texture and taste.

This is a one off fabulous experience! Come alone and meet likeminded Yogis and wine lovers or make a night out with friends.

Please let us know if you will be bringing your own mat.
Space is limited. Early booking recommended to avoid disappointment. Bank transfer is also available. 


2019 Workshops


Sunday 10th November 2019


£45 per person

(To be paid in full, no refunds available.

Full payment to secure booking.)

InHale Yoga Studio, Cecil Road, Hale

This workshop will lead you through a strong and rounded vinyasa style Power Yoga flow (attainable for all levels) that will cover forward folds, back bends, hip openers, balance and twists. Warming the body from within, finding movement and flexibility in the spine, opening the hips and detoxing with cleansing twists. Following this the session will move towards a more gentle and still Yin practice working across the meridians and balancing the body leading to a still and more restorative practice. We will finish with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

The ideal full body, balancing workshop to set you up for the winter months.

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Saturday 8th June

Amanda Riley & Lisa Moreton

​Altrincham Town Hall, 25 Market Street, Altrincham

5pm - 8pm

​£65 per person

YOGA & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Coping with Stress

Sunday 22nd September 2019


£45 per person

(To be paid in full, no refunds available.

Full payment to secure booking.)

InHale Yoga Studio, Cecil Road, Hale

Ever recognised that some people are just great at remaining calm and never seemingly stressed? Would you like to know how to also cope better with stress both at work and in your home life?

This workshop will explore breathing techniques and yoga postures that will help you reduce the hormones that increase your stress levels physiologically and help you to bring these back in to balance. The techniques used on the mat will perfectly transfer off the mat into your everyday to help you stay in control and remain calm in moments where you feel symptoms of stress creeping in.

​Psychotherapist and expert Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Kerry Edwards will lead you through a discussion and practical activities that will explain how your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle.

She will share some key CBT tools to help you deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts so you can understand thought patterns and consequent behaviours and learn to change negative patterns to improve the way you feel.

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Sunday June 23rd 2019

10am-1pm, £45 per person 

(To be paid in full, no refunds available.

Full payment to secure booking.)

InHale Yoga Studio, Cecil Road, Hale

Working to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura Chakra.

The centre for our vitality, self worth, self confidence, knowledge,

wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions. The seat of the digestive fire, it regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs. Blockages at this centre may cause health concerns related to digestive disorders, circulatory disease, and diabetes. By balancing this chakra and helping this energy to flow freely we feel in balance and have strength and self belief.

We will work through asanas that involve twists, forward folds and backbends and abdominal exercises to connect to the chakra and associated bhanda.

Master Sound Practitioner, John Hofton will lead us through a deeply relaxing sound healing session with an emphasis on healing and connecting with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sound healing is increasingly being recognised as an aid to deep relaxation, increased energy flow and as a way to still the mind. John will include a simple breathing technique which will promote an atmosphere of inner peace and physiological balance ensuring that you are receptive to the healing energy of the pallet of sounds he will create from his wide selection of instruments e.g. Tibetan singing bowls, Japanese xylophone, Traditional Amercian Indian flute, Traditional Brazilian Shaker, Gemshorn, Dream Chau Gong and Scared Solfeggio Tuning forks. The meditative focus on the breath will also enable you to feel grounded, centered and secure throughout the session so that the resonances of the healing sounds will produce the most beneficial effects on you. John will also encourage you to use your heart-centered intent to access your own inner vibration leaving you feeling more connected to the core of yourself.

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Amanda will be teaching at Blue Dot and Kendal Calling festivals in July!

You can book your yoga class directly through the festival apps or online.

Blue Dot 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st July 2019.

Headliners include; New Order, Hot Chip, Jon Hopkins

​Kendal Calling, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th July 2019.

Headliners include; Courteeners, Doves, Nile Rogers & Chic, Manic Street Preachers and TOM JONES!