Calms the nervous system

Promotes sleep

Increases metabolism

Releases toxins

Improves posture

Improvse flexibility

Reduces illness

Fights infection, by stimulatiing the lymphatic system

Beats depression by boosting oxygen to the brain to make you feel happier

Improves memory and concentration by lowering cortisol levels

Improves strength to protect the body from arthritis & osteoporosis with weight bearing postures

Helps to relieve back pain


After only a 4-6 classes you’ll begin to notice the difference your practice has made. Your muscles will become more defined and
you will feel a great sense of wellbeing. A 90 minute class will help you ‘switch off’ from the outside world and allow you time to focus on yourself and your practice, and really nothing else!

The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means ‘to yoke’ the breath with the body and mind.

There are many branches of the 5,000 year old discipline which derived in India, but ultimately the practice of yoga is done

to ‘yoke’ together the body, mind and breath in order to help cleanse, detoxify and strengthen your body and mind, from the inside, out.